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The goal of the Islamic Association of Arabi is to provide convenient places of worship, islamic education and dawah. We are in a process of establishing an Islamic School where children, local and from afar, can learn and memorize the Quran and become scholars of deen. We also perform community services such as marriage ceremonies, religious prayers for the deceased, and funeral services. The association is also committed to do dawah work, and help the dawah groups that travel for this noble effort. The association also conduts various halqas/programs in the masjid and other educational programs and community get together during Ramadan and other months.

By the grace of Allah, at the present, The Islamic Association of Arabi has five masjids under its management: the first Masjid Yaseen in Arabi, Louisiana, the second Masjid Yaseen in Shreveport, Louisiana, the third Masjid Yaseen in Garland, Texas, the fourth Masjid in Greenville, Texas, and the fifth one in Wylie, Texas.

It is also a great blessing of Allah that under the Masjid Yaseen Garland branch, to cater to the increasing demand of Islamic Knowledge to individuals of every demographic Al-Hameed Boys Academy and Amatur Rahman Girls Academy were established.

One very important policy of the association is that it does not get involved in any politics, nor is it allowed in the masjids. The purpose of this is to make a comfortable, loving and brotherly environment in the Masjids. Your comments and feedback are always welcome.

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