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Our History

Originally founded in 1985 in Arabi (a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization), a suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana, The Islamic Association of Arabi began as a small masjid (Masjid Yaseen) and within five years, the first boarding Islamic institute in the United States was established. Between 1990 to 2005, sixty-five American born Muslim children completed memorization of the Holy Quran and another twenty-one went on to become Scholars in Islam. Today, Alhamdulillah, it is a sense of great pride that these products of The Islamic Association of Arabi are serving various masajids and communities all over our nation.

In August 2005, through the wisdom of Allah, the Masjid and Islamic Institute were destroyed due to Hurricane Katrina. Consequently, Muslims of that community dispersed throughout the country, and the decision to re-establish Masjid Yaseen and the Islamic institute in the Dallas Metropolitan area was made. By the grace of Allah, a 1.5 acre parcel was purchased in Garland, TX (~twenty miles northeast of Dallas) at the intersection of George W. Bush Toll way and W Campbell Rd. In Ramadan 2008, the construction began, and by mid-2011 the Masjid was completed, Alhamdulillah. 

By the grace of Allah, at the present, The Islamic Association of Arabi has four masjids under its management: the first Masjid Yaseen in Arabi, Louisiana, the second Masjid Yaseen in Shreveport, Louisiana, the third Masjid Yaseen in Garland, Texas, and the fourth Masjid in Greenville, Texas.

It is also a great blessing of Allah that under the Masjid Yaseen Garland branch, to cater to the increasing demand of Islamic Knowledge to individuals of every demographic Al-Hameed Boys Academy and Amatur Rahman Girls Academy were established.

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