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Wearing prosthesis and socks during Ihram due to necessity



Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatahu
My son is 13 1/2 years old. He had A rotational plasty surgery done in October 2014 because of bone cancer in his left femur.
Alhamdulillah he is doing good now. He wears a prosthesis during the day time to walk by himself . And beneath the prosthesis he has a wear long socks to absorb the sweat .
1.In Shaa Allah we are going for umrah in Ramadan and my question is can he wear his prosthesis when performing umrah or just tawaf?since his socks r stiched … He cannot walk without his prosthesis… He will have to use crutches or a wheel chair.

2. Can he do wudu once in the morning by washing his leg and the do masa over his prosthesis during the day?( he just removes his prosthesis when he sleeps)

جزاكم الله خيرا


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.

Sister in Islam,

We make Dua that Allah Ta’ala grant your son a quick and complete recovery. Ameen.

Hereunder are the answers to your queries:

  1. It is permissible for your son to wear his prosthesis and socks during Ihraam due to his excuse.[1]


However, there will be expiation (Kaffarah) that is due. The details are as follows:[2]


If the prosthesis and socks are worn in the state of Ihraam for less than 12 hours, then one of the following two are binding:

a. Sadaqah equal to the amount of Sadaqah Fitr is due. Currently, the amount is $6.

b. Your son must fast for one day.


If the prosthesis and socks are worn in the state of Ihraam for 12 hours or more, then one of the    following three are binding:

a. Damm i.e. sacrifice of an animal in the precincts of the Haram

b. Sadaqah must be given to 6 needy individuals. Each individual must be given the amount of Sadaqah Fitr

c. Your son must fast for 3 days

With regards to the performance of only a Tawaf, it is permissible for your son to wear his prosthesis and socks, and there is no expiation due since he will not be in a state of Ihraam during Tawaf.

Note: The above-mentioned expiations are only due if your son has reached the age of puberty. Otherwise, if your son has not reached puberty, there is no expiation due.[3]


  1. If washing the foot for Wudhu is not harmful, then your son must remove the prosthesis for Wudhu each time. Wiping over the prosthesis is not sufficient.[4]


And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

(Mufti) Abdul Azeem bin Abdur Rahman

Checked and Approved by my Esteemed Ustadh,

Mufti Husain Kadodia Saheb Damat Barakatuhum




The Shar’a ruling herein given is based specifically on the question posed and should be read in conjunction with the question.


Darul Iftaa Texas bears no responsibility to any party who may or may not act on this answer and is being hereby exempted from loss or damage howsoever caused.


This answer may not be used as evidence in any Court of Law without prior written consent of Darul Iftaa Texas.



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