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Waswasa (baseless thoughts)



How are you? So I am having an issue in my salah and with fasting. First of all, I keep feeling like I am passing wind, this happens in wudu and in salah. It even happens after wudu and salah like when I am just sitting down, and no I do not have any problems with passing wind so i cannot be a muzoor. I even got blood tests and I do not qualify. What do I do in this situation? I heard that I should not leave prayer unless I hear or smell anything, however I keep feeling like I am passing wind. I do wudu for so long and it has been a concern from my family as it is hard for me. Next, I have lots of doubts about my wudu, I think that I washed a part but I am never sure, so I don’t know if I should redo wudu and salah, this is becoming a burden for me. Waswas gives me horrible thoughts about the deen and keeps telling me to leave the religion because it is such a burden. However I love islam and know I will never do that. Next, I have a question about fasting, so I have acid reflux which is like feeling acid/vomit in my throat all throughout the day while fasting, does this invalidate my fast? also I kepo feeling blood in my mouth. I have bloody gums so I gurgle salt water in my gums at suhoor to try to prevent it during the day, however I always have the taste of blood in my mouth which is very unpleasant. Also sometimes I feel like there is food in my teeth and I try my best to brush my teeth to the best if my ability however I keeo feeling it. I alkways make niyaah to fast and then say okay it is fine I will make up this day, I have been doing this all ramadan, what should I do now? Religion has been a burden on me. I feel like my fasts and prayers are not counted.


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.

Shariah (Religion) is the greatest favor upon mankind. Shariah teaches one how to please Allah Ta’ala and gain his nearness. Without Shariah, one would live a life of blindness and would not know what pleases Allah Ta’ala.

If one practices Religion without correct Ilm (Knowledge), then he may practice something with the understanding that it is religion but in reality it is against the teachings of Religion. This will result in one considering religion to be a burden.

You state that you keep feeling like you are passing wind. Such baseless feelings do not break Wudhu. One must ignore such thoughts and continue the Wudhu and Salah with concentration. If one entertains these thoughts, then he is not correctly practicing religion which in turn will make religion seem like a burden.

Furthermore, you should wash each limb a maximum of three times in Wudhu. After the third time, you should not wash the limb a fourth time. Ignore the thought that you may have missed part of a limb. These thoughts are from Shaytaan. If you entertain such thoughts, life will become miserable and the concentration in your worship will be destroyed which is the goal of Shaytaan.

Furthermore, an acid reflux does not invalidate the fast. The mere feeling of blood in the mouth does not invalidate the fast. Food stuck between the teeth also does not invalidate the fast.

We advise you to ignore such thoughts and be focused on your Ibadah (worship). Furthermore, stay in the company of the learned and pious so that you may be able to practice the religion correctly.

And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

(Mufti) Abdul Azeem bin Abdur Rahman


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